Take time and treat yourself to a place, a home, an experience that will rejuvenate, invigorate and make you whole again.

Photography of Goat Rock Beach by Francesca Scalpi.



Designed by Architect Carson Bowler and John Cook are known for big open main rooms; few interior walls; small, galley-like kitchens; windows that recall those on a ship's bridge; exposed pilings and posts like a dock; and bare redwood, inside and out, create an effect that echoes the ships and wharves of the Sonoma Coast.


Come to a place where the river meets the sea. A magical place where nature is abundant, watch the whales pass by, bald eagles and osprey soar overhead,  resident harbor seals play and give birth to pups in the estuary. Be amazed at Orion's belt in our beautiful night sky. Most of all see people reconnect with the earth and themselves.


The owners are sharing their special place with you and your guests. Your time here will be special. This is a real home not an over used rental. Well equipped kitchen with quality pots, pans, knives and appliances. High quality linens, pillows and mattresses to help give your a peaceful sleep. Modern and vintage furniture. A beautiful coastal garden frames the view of the river and ocean.



There are many ways to relax body and mind, ranging from
the physical, to the emotional and spiritual.

Hike the Kortum Trail. Bike Coleman Valley Road.
Surf at Salmon Creek

The air along the coast is clean and energizing.
Give your lungs the break they deserve.

Find a place in our coastal garden to meditate, write a book,
take a nap, draw or paint or do nothing.




Relax from the World and Recharge your Senses.
Farm to Table Food & World Class
Wine are Waiting for You.


Sonoma County represents the best of Northern California — premium wine, farm-to-table dining, ancient redwood forests, more than 50 miles of stunning Pacific Coast, oak-covered mountains, and quiet rivers. Breathtaking Highway 1 delights visitors with crashing waves, sea lions and otters sunning on the beaches, and amazing sunsets that color the sky in brilliant hues.

Sonoma County Wine Region: The world-class Sonoma wine region offers over 370 wineries. Within the county are 15 American Viticulture Areas with unique soils and climates that allow certain grape varieties to grow particularly well.