There is an abundance of fresh organically grown, sustainable fishing and farming practices in Sonoma and Marin County. Here is a sample of some local restaurants within 20 minutes from the house.


Sonoma County has world class wine AVAs close to The Blue Lotus for you to explore. You can also go to Gourmet Au Bay in Bodega Bay featuring small-production, award winning wines from California and coastal inspired gifts. Stop in for a Wine Surf or a beer on tap. There is also Sophie's Cellar's in Duncans Mills for wine and cheese tasting.


There are many day trips to take from the house. Explore movie lore and visit places seen in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds". Visit a 1820 Russian Fort along the coast now called Fort Ross. See early California history, hike, picnic and stop at Fort Ross winery for a wine tasting. More driving tours coming soon.


Come to the Sonoma Coast to enjoy one or more of your favorite sports. You can go cycling, kayaking, golfing, fresh & ocean fishing, hiking, hunting, triathlons, diving and hang gliding.

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