Migrating Whales, Bald Eagle & Osprey Fishing
Russian River, Bob Cats & Mountain Lions Oh My!


Sonoma County offers great opportunities for wildlife watching, especially whales, sea lions, and birds at the Pacific Coast. More than 20,000 gray whales migrate past the Sonoma Coast each year. The whales are en route from the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea to the Gulf of Cortez in Mexico, where they will calf in winter. From January through May, the mothers with their newborn hug the shore as they head north to feed off Alaska. They can be easily viewed from the Ocean Overlook on Bodega Head, Gualala Point Regional Park, The Sea Ranch, Stillwater Cove Regional Park, Timber Cove Inn, and Fort Ross State Historical Park.

View wildlife year round at Goat Rock, near the mouth of the Russian River, the beach is a regular resting ground for seagulls, sea otters, elephant seals, harbor seals, and sea lions. Marine wildlife is plentiful along the Sonoma Coast. Many Pacific Harbor Seals can be seen at a rookery on the sand spit at the mouth of the Russian River. Adult seals weight up to 300 pounds. They usually feed at night and lounge on the beach during the day. Seal pups are born from March through August. Visitors are requested to remain at least 50 yards from the seals.